This part of the site is just for guitar players to learn about their instruments and how to play them from scratch or improve on their existing skills in the many different playing styles and musical genres that are played. Most players like to focus on more popular styles and variations.

However, there are also some guitarists who like to extend their playing depth and repertoire by taking on some of the more obscure or unconventional types. Whatever way you want to play is your choice and is equally valid no matter whether it is popular or not.

chords rhythm lead guitarThis section contains information on playing a variety of different ways, different variations of the instrument and the skills that need to be developed to master your own choices. You'll find a selection of informative articles sub-grouped under this banner.

Chords Rhythm and Lead

All guitarists need an extensive knowledge of scales and chords and the ability to play rhythm guitar and keep in time when playing with other musicians. The RGT graded books take the student from beginner to advanced level Increasing their knowledge and skills along the way.

Apart from transcribed solos by the students favourite guitarists students at all levels are encouraged to develop their own ability to improvise in a variety of styles.


guitar playing beginnersMel Bay Method tends to be a popular and creative way to teach guitar to young children. This approach to learning integrates, from the very beginning, chord playing with note reading.

Older children and adults learn with the aid of RGT grade books.

In all cases, when starting out it really pays to start with a single chord shape and then practice it until you can get all the strings to resonate properly without any buzz or dead notes. Then learn a second chord as well as the first then learn to change between the two chords.

The bottom line is that practise makes perfect and the more you can practice no matter how hard it may seem at first, the faster you will get to the stage where you become confident and able to play a complete song.


intermediate guitar playersExpertly structured method of studying acoustic and electric guitar. Courses have been compiled by the Registry of Guitar Tutors the world's leading authority on guitar education in association with the London College of Music.

Benefits include the opportunity to enter for a recognized qualification and securing a base for more advanced study.

Alternatively, you get to advance in your own playing ability and technical skill to the best of your abilities by continuing to work at what you have already learned while applying new skills and techniques as you go.

Music Theory

music theory for guitaristsLearn about harmonic structure, chord progressions and relationships as well as soloing in all styles.

There are so many different ways of playing but also much technical information that must also be learned and understood in order to make it possible to improve and take your playing to a higher level.

Professional classes online can help you gain a continually improving knowledge base of the non-playing side of playing that forms an integral part of your overall musicianship skill set.

Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitarLearn finger picking scales and chords that can be played on acoustic instruments that have a character all of their own.

It can be hugely rewarding to choose to gain mastery over the acoustic genre of guitar that provides players with a very different set of skills and playing techniques than you apply for electric instruments.

Electric Guitar

electric guitarPlay like a rock star! Learn to play a variety of music styles including: Rock; Pop; Blues; Funk; Soul and Country, for example.

When you pick up and start playing a good quality electric guitar, it can feel so different to acoustic models yet with a style, skill and technique set all of its own.

What Students are Saying

Here are a couple of extracts of what real students have said about their progress thanks to expert professional tutoring:

Learned in a fun way:

"Getting expert tuition has greatly increased the enjoyment I get from playing my guitar. The high standard of tuition was based on established syllabi which was tailored to my specific interests, the subject of each lesson being amplified by studying appropriate popular music illustrating the application of the subject. This re-enforced what had been learned in a fun way. Very worthwhile."

Thank you very much:

"I would just like to say how happy I was to find a professional teaching course through your recommendation to give my son guitar lessons. The online course tutor was patient but firm and my son learnt a lot, gaining further experience and expertise over the years. He was taught while studying for his standard and higher grades in music. He has now gone to study sound production at college."

More Information

Take a look at the article titles below that expand on the subject of playing the guitar at all levels from beginners to expert and live performing players in bands and ensembles.

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