Hey there and welcome to the MoonCalf Music website. My name is Jose, I'm the author of the site and I'm a semi-professional musician and singer. I can share with you several decades of experience and knowledge through these pages.

All the articles published here have been written by me exclusively for this site, so if you see them any place else, they have been stolen from me! My mission here is to provide you with a lot of things you might need or want to know about playing a musical instrument or singing in a band.

It doesn't matter whether you're doing it in a local bar to a crowd of maybe a dozen or so drunks who could care less if you were there or not, or you're playing in a club to a few hundred appreciative listeners or your hosting a party or a wedding or similar and everyone is on the dance floor having a great time. Playing in a band is totally cool and a lot of fun (as it should be).

I hope if you're just beginning on your journey that you stay with it and get to enjoy yourself as much as I have done over the years (and still do). It's a fantastic ride even if you still have a day job and the band is just a weekend hobby. Enjoy it!

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