Do you wish you could play a musical instrument or sing in a band to a live audience in a club or a bar or maybe on a larger stage? You could if you really wanted to enough and you were prepared to put in the work to learn your instrument or improve your vocal ability and practice every day until you were good enough.

But what is good enough and how much practice is enough?

Those are two questions that most budding musicians and singers have contemplated at some point in their progress toward making their aspirations turn into careers. The short answer is that if you think you've done enough for the day, chances are you haven't and you need to do more!

Getting Musical Tuition

Most people embarking on this road to true musicianship will begin their journey by taking lessons in how to play their chosen instrument or how to sing. The vast majority will give up after a while because they can't see themselves getting to the stage where they would be considered professional or semi-professional.

Yet of they'd only stuck to it long enough and practised hard enough, most (if not all) of them would have improved to the point where they could take their talent and put it out in front of live audiences. It's almost all in the state of mind, with actual talent or skill being only a small part of it.

Lacking Self Belief

Plenty of potential vocalists fall by the wayside through lack of confidence or the belief they will never be good enough. The problem with taking that attitude is that you'd be correct in your belief because circumstances will have panned out to make it your reality.

If that doesn't make a whole load of sense, maybe this will make it clearer. You see, achieving anything in life happens in the main because a person believes in themselves enough to push past any doubts they may have and not allow anything to get in their way.

And that includes their own attitude!

Achieving Musical Credibility

Whether you believe you can or you cannot, either way you are right! Getting to that higher level is all about self belief and when a person believes they can do a thing, they generally go right ahead and do it, often surprising themselves in the process.

Say you want to learn to play guitar and are starting out like most with a second-hand acoustic and a book of chords. You watch a video with someone like Steve Vai playing some amazing stuff and you want to be able to do that too.

You won't get there tomorrow or next week, but if you learn the techniques and keep practising, you will get there. It may take months or even years, but if you are determined and if you keep playing every day, you will get so good at what you're doing that you'll be able to hold your own on stage playing just about anything you want!

Where to Start

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere and right at the beginning is where it's at. You have to learn to play those chords and change between them smoothly to form a simple song and that's how you start out.

The best way is to take lessons from a qualified guitar teacher who can show you what to do, how to do it and most importantly, to do it the right way and not fall into bad habits. You'll get more motivation that way too meaning you're more likely to go home and take what you learned each day and practise it so you got it before you go to the next class.

Singing is pretty much the same except you don't need to learn a physical musical instrument if you don't want to. Although it is actually a good idea to so that too so you get an all-round appreciation of the music that you'll be singing to.

In here, I have included some singing and musical tips and ideas you can take forward as well as some reviews of the best online tuition that you can get for your chosen music-making needs. That's pretty much what this site is all about, so use it if you want or just take a look around for some good music-related reading. Either way, it's worth your while to check over.

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